Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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BlueZ - The Linux Bluetooth Stack

Project: BlueZ

The presentation will be a overview of the BlueZ project - the official Linux Bluetooth stack, what we have done in the past, where we are and what is comming in the near future. The Linux Bluetooth stack was merged by Linus in the 2.4.6 kernel and consits of kernelspace and userspace parts, all bluetooth
device drivers and core protocols are are kernelspace and in userspace we have two daemons to provide implementation of the Bluetooth profiles and a simple D-Bus API to the our users. Some of the topic that will be covered in the talk are:

- overview of Bluetooth 3.0 - High Speed (Bluetooth data over WiFi)

- overview of Bluetooth Low Energy (aka Bluetooth Core 4.0) and all its applications Low Energy introduces a new Bluetooth radio which create a new world of use case for Bluetooth, such as Medical and Fitness devices.

- overview of all supported Bluetooth profiles.

- The Bluetooth MGMT kernel API, that facilitates the communication between kernel and the bluetoothd daemon.

- The 5.0 release and where will come next for BlueZ.

- New features that are coming such as better APIs for desktop usage, features for IVI usage and more.

The audience should have a basic understanding of Linux Network.

Gustavo Padovan

Gustavo Padovan holds a B.S. Computer Science from the University of Campinas, Brazil and is a Free Software enthusiastic. He is the Linux Kernel maintainer of the Bluetooth Subsystem. Gustavo is a Software Engineer at Collabora Ltd..