Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Rockin' In The Free World

How do I rock the most with free and open source software? Explore the free software ecosystem in the audio world with an experienced Grammy-nominated professional recording engineer. Focusing on demoing as much as possible, Mike will walk through original recordings made with the different popular music tools. He will discuss the process of recording, editing, mixing and mastering with fully free tools and compare the workflow and output with commercial proprietary software solutions. Whether you're a newbie thinking about dabbling in recording some music, experienced with commercial recording software and want to see how the free options compare, curious about what goes into recording a professional level song or a developer who wonders about the learning curve on your software for someone approaching it from a professional background, this talk is for you!

Mike Tarantino

Mike is a Grammy-nominated recording engineer with 13 years of professional experience, working with artists such as James Blunt, Pete Murray, Badly Drawn Boy, Sloan and the Michael Jackson. As a songwriter and musician, his songs have been used in a variety of places from popular TV shows to the sleaziest burlesque halls in Brooklyn. He also was the composer of a neo-swing musical, Buddy Cianci the Musical, performed in New York. He takes inspiration from his cyborg lawyer wife to find free and open solutions wherever he can. He is also the author of the popular theme song of the free software oggcast, Free as in Freedom.