Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Petitboot: doing interesting things in your bootloader

Project: petitboot

Petitboot is a bootloader based on a Linux kernel, kexec, and a tiny
Linux userspace. Because it's based on Linux, we have access to all
sorts of utilities to do new and interesting things in the bootloader.
Ever wanted to boot via bittorrent? Or gpg-verify your kernel before
booting? We can do that in petitboot.

Although petitboot was originally written for small client systems,
we've recently been focussing on server deployments too. This opens up a
host of opportunities for boot automation, cluster management and
usability improvements.

This talk will give an outline of how petitboot works, what it can do
now, and how to implement your own bootloader functionality in a
familiar Linux environment.

Jeremy Kerr

Jeremy Kerr is a Open Source software developer at IBM's Linux Technology Center. His background is in Linux development (specialising in Linux bringup on new hardware), and operating systems research.

Jeremy has been participating in open source software development for
over 13 years. As well as petitboot, Jeremy has contributed to a range of other open source projects, incuding the Linux kernel, K42 (a research operating system), patchwork (a web-based patch-tracking system) and nfsim (the netfilter simulation environment).