Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Open Radio Miniconf

"Facilitating communication between the amateur radio and open source communities"
The Open Radio miniconf will showcase the use of open source in many aspects of radio communications including:
• hardware design (circuit and printed circuit board design, antenna design, etc.)
• digital modes for data communications, and
• digital voice communications.
Private Summary
After seeing several presentations about amateur radio and open source software, radio controlled planes controlled with open source software and open hardware designs at recent LCAs I figured there was enough happening to warrant a miniconf. Discussions with Bdale, Tridge and David Rowe at LCA this year confirmed this and they each indicated a willingness to present.
My goal for the day is to enable the open source community to get a better appreciation of amateur radio and to encourage radio amateurs to become more involved in open source.
I wish to suggest the committee break with tradition slightly and allow one-day registrations for this miniconf as I expect there will be a number of radio amateurs in Perth who could attend the one day event, but would be unable to justify the whole week. This would mean the preferred day for the miniconf is Monday 6th. Additionally I expect that many of the attendees will also be interested in any Ardueno miniconf so it would be preferable that they are on separate days.

Stephen Boyd

Stephen became interested in radio in 1970 and obtained a limited amateur radio licence in 1973. He started using open source software in the 1980s and has been an open source evangelist since the late 90s. He first connected a computer to a radio in the mid 90s to experiment with packet radio and is currently interested in building his own software defined radio transceiver.
Stephen has over 25 years experience in the IT industry and is currently a senior security consultant with the Saltbush Group.