Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Simple DIY Engine Management for simple software hackers

Project: Kartduino

'Hacker' is a term we generally associate with the technical community, but long before electronics reached the average home, the same curiosity and creativity were hallmarks of another passionate hobbyist: The Petrolhead.
In this talk I'll discuss the development of a hacker focussed, open source engine management system (EMS) based on the arduino platform. Whilst there have been a number of projects to develop DIY or 'build it yourself' engine management (With varying levels of openness), none have focussed on making the concepts of what is normally a black box device as simple and accessible as possible. Rather than focussing on maximum performance or widest compatibility, this projects highest priority has been in lowering the barrier to entry in this area. This talk will present both the practical requirements of setting up engines to use this EMS as well as the concepts used in developing such a system.

Josh Stewart

A long time free software fan, Josh was the founder of the Ballarat Linux Users Group (BLUG) and was director of 2012. He suffers from a life long obsession with cars and spends far too much time combining this passion with his love of technology.