Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Writing your first web app using Python and Flask

Project: Flask
Wiki Page: Writing your first web app using Python and Flask

This tutorial will help you create your first webapp using Python and the Flask microframework. We will cover the following topics:

* What is Flask and why would you use it
* Rendering your first response
* Handling forms and POST data
* Using SQLAlchemy
* Writing your first RESTful API
* Holding open a connection to emit updates
* Testing your app with py.test
* Deploying to Redhat's Openshift platform

Familiarity with Python is assumed. A passing familiarity with Javascript is recommended by not essential.

Examples are on Github at XXX for you to follow along as we go.

Danielle Madeley

Danielle Madeley is a senior web developer at Infoxchange Australia where her day job is writing large Django webapps. She has been programming in Python for 15 years now and thought the first time she did "import cgi" was pretty neat. She has also been a GNOME developer and a scientific software engineer. Her favourite colours are purple and green.