Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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What's the deal with Hardware Transactional Memory!?!

Hardware transactional memory is a new paradigm for performing atomic
operations in concurrent programs. In coming years the x86, PowerPC and
S390 architectures will each have transactional memory hardware generally

At a high level each of these hardware architectures are similar but in
this talk we'll drill down and look at the differences. We'll compare
the architectures from a user and kernel perspective.

We'll also look at what the kernel community is doing to support using
transactional memory including performance analysis and debugging

Michael Neuling

Michael Neuling is part of the IBM OzLabs Bare Metal Linux team. Most
recently he's been involved with enabling POWER8 CPU features in the
Linux kernel, including trying get his brain around support for Transactional
Memory. He has no association with