Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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HTTP/2.0 And You

HTTP/1.1 has been the predominant protocol of the Web (and much more) for more than a decade, but the IETF HTTPbis Working Group has started working on HTTP/2.0, based upon SPDY.

While the primary focus is on performance and network-friendliness, it’s already clear that HTTP/2.0 will change how we design, deploy and operate the Web, as well as expand what we use HTTP for even further.

This talk explores these effects, how we might take advantage of them, and potential problems that might arise.

Mark Nottingham

Mark Nottingham has helped develop Web technologies like Atom and HTTP for more than ten years.

Starting as a system administrator and Webmaster in 1995 (back when that title still got comments at parties), he’s become a recognised expert on the HTTP protocol, as well as Web caching and HTTP “APIs”.

This led him to become Chair of the IETF HTTPbis Working Group, an effort to first clean up HTTP/1.1 and then develop HTTP/2.0.

Along the way, he’s been involved in several other standards efforts, holding positions in the IETF and W3C, as well as a fair amount of code. He’s managed everything from the standards participation of companies like Yahoo! and Rackspace, to firewalls and content delivery networks at Merrill Lynch.

He currently works for Akamai, the world’s first, largest and best public Content Delivery Network.

He’s married to Anitra, with two sons, Charlie and Bennet. They live in Melbourne, Australia.