Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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User-Created Content: Maintaining accessibility and usability in social media platforms, learning management systems, and other sites where we don't control the content

Project: Dreamwidth

Social Media sites and Learning Management Systems rely on end-users, not web developers, to create the content at the heart of the site. How can we design our interfaces to encourage users to create usable, accessible content? Can we train our users without annoying them or driving them away? What tools can we give them to make it easier for them to create the best content? Whether we have professors using Moodle or Sakai to create coursework for students, or bloggers communicating on Diaspora,, or Dreamwidth, we want it to be easy for our users to create content every bit as accessible and usable as we would create ourselves.

Athena Yao

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