Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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VirtIO 1.0: A Standard Emerges

Project: VirtIO

VirtIO is an attempt to create an OS, hypervisor-neutral and bus-independent virtual device system. The initial implementations were in KVM/Qemu, using PCI as a bus, and lguest (using a custom lguest bus). In 2009 a draft specification was published covering network, block and console devices, and features and devices have been added in a backwards compatible manner since then. Slowly, other systems have been implementing virtio compatible devices, including FreeBSD's bhyve.

In 2013, using OASIS as the standard organisation, a 1.0 standard is emerging. This talk will describe the changes which are happening: Our goal is to keep the good, discard the bad, and make the ugly optional. We'll also talk about everyone's favourite subject: performance, and where we're going in future.

Rusty Russell

Rusty Russell is a Free Software hacker who created ipchains, iptables and the ACT state election software (EVACS). He wrote and currently maintains the linux kernel module code, the CCAN code repository, and the ntdb database for Samba. He maintains the linux kernel virtio code and wrote the original virtio spec, and chairs the OASIS VirtIO Technical Committee.