How to Review

Reviewing Proposals

This page is designed to help you review proposals for talks at It is important that you read this page before you begin reviewing.

Getting started

proposal list

To get started, log in to the site, and click on the Proposals to Review link in the menu on the left. You can jump between sections using the menu, but the quickest way to get started is to go directly to proposals to review and click on review now on one of the items in your list.

Review proposals


This page is where to go to start reviewing. There are three types of proposals: Presentations, miniconfs, and tutorials. Under each section is a set of proposals that are waiting for your review. The proposals are randomly ordered to make the review process fairer, so start with the first proposal in the list.

From the review page you can view details about the proposal, the speaker/organiser and also what other reviewers have written. You can then fill out the form with your own review. If you feel you don't know enough about the topic to make an informed judgement, then skip the proposal and move on to the next one.

Select the most appropriate stream for each proposal as you go. Only choose Miscellaneous if the talk is really obscure. As you review presentations and tutorials, you are asked to select a miniconf that could be related to the proposal. This is because we review miniconf proposals at the same time, and it helps to see which miniconfs are likely to be more popular. The list of miniconfs to pick from can be quite long, because it includes every miniconf proposed. Additionally, if the presentation isn't accepted but the related miniconf is, we can recommend the miniconf organiser contact the declined speaker.

After you have reviewed or skipped the review, you will be automatically taken to the next proposal for review. Continue through the list, reviewing and skipping as appropriate, until you have completed all the proposals in your list.

Your reviews

This section shows you a list of the proposals you have reviewed. You can view each proposal again, edit your comment, change the ranking you gave, or re-categorise the stream or related miniconf.

Summary of proposals


This is the main page of statistics for all of the proposals. Only proposals with reviews appear on this page but the statistics are averaged out over each review.

You can mouse over each section to view abstracts, reviewer comments, or speaker information. Mousing over the selected stream or average rating gives you the rating from each individual reviewer.